With new regulations continuously encroaching on the healthcare industry, security is of the utmost importance. A high percentage of these threats often come from within the organization, and advanced access levels tend to be granted to employees during onboarding who do not necessarily require them.

Although many healthcare organizations assume they are too small to be targeted, any size are at risk, and healthcare is one of the most affected industries by insider privilege misuse. Many hospitals are faced with budget cuts, leaving sizeable gaps in their security strategy. This ultimately results in limited resources to manually tackle the lack of access security controls that would incorporate policy obligations to patients and coworkers.

Implementing the use of ProCertX not only improves operational efficiency, but allows for real-time, automatic verification of registered personnel. Because the threat is constantly evolving, access rights can be edited throughout an employee’s career. If an employee’s certifications do change, temporary access is needed for sub-contractors, or specific credentials need to be revoked, it can all be done in one, centralized platform. Neglecting account status is a critical error, potentially allowing those who no longer possess specific credentials (or who are no longer employed) to still gain access to critical information.

By centralizing an organization’s security applications, access points can be safeguarded against without the need to manually go into each user file separately. Effectively monitoring activity to detect malicious behavior is an additional aspect of healthcare security. Manual assessment takes time, much of which administration does not have. ProCertX allows for access requirements to be edited at the discretion of the organization in real-time.