How It Works

Cloud LMS

Our cloud-based Learning Management System allows for universal access to ProCertX. From a remote office, worksite or vehicle, the ability to complete training or view records from your laptop or mobile device allows you to accomplish more in less time.

Centralization of training content, schedules, enrollment, payment processing, and certifications provides an easy way to manage all aspects of your training program.

We support Classroom Learning, Distance learning, Computer Based Training (CBT), and web-based training.  We work with your existing meetings system such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Blackboard, GoToMeeting, and others so you can have a seamless transition to our platform.

We are built upon the leaders of the cloud infrastructure industry.  We utilize both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with powerful Cloud LMS capabilities.

Our eCommerce/payment processing engine is powered by Stripe.


Content Syndication

ProCertX supports syndicating content from many 3rd party training content providers.  With our support of LMS standards such as SCORM1.2 & xAPI/TinCanAPI we can integrate nearly any content provider with our platform.  This allows you to operate your complete training program that may include a combination of Classroom or Face to Face training, Distance Learning, or Web based training all from a single platform.

You also have the ability to supplement any 3rd party training content with your own.  Simply upload your training content material to ProCertX from your eLearning authoring application such as Articulate.

With our “Connections” capability you have the ability to syndicate your custom training content to any other company on our platform allowing you to earn revenue off your training assets.

Contractor Management

Managing an employee or contractor’s training is arguably one of the most important aspects of a company. Chemical plants, oil industry jobs, trucking companies, and emergency first responders are just a few examples of the many professions where employees encounter hazardous material and situations. ProCertX offers an automated, centralized location to house all profiles and certifications in one place by associating an identity with specific authoritative proof of identity and credentials.

Along with certificate and training management, verification no longer needs to be a daunting task. Individuals who have been designated specific credentials such as instructor or staff manager, may view certificates company wide, by department, or by role. This administrative interface eliminates the need for (solely) developed resources to setup new clients. Credentials and qualifications are accessible and able to be edited on demand from any web-enabled device.

Previously earned credentials and historic information can be uploaded from any source and immediately show on a user’s profile. Administrators and participants alike are able to track the status of each certificate, and receive notification prior to certificate expiration with ample time to plan and schedule re-certifications. Training registration/enrollment is viewable by the card holder, and attendance is tracked by requiring scanning in/out with the RFID badge at the start and end of each training session. This results in instant virtual issuance of earned certificates (such as OSHA 10, OSHA 30, etc.) being garnered immediately upon the completion of required training.

In addition to maintenance such as renewal or expiration, credentials may also be revoked via the ProCertX system. The ability to have such concentrated control over certificates and authorized admittance culminates in the SafeSite™ portion of ProCertX by integrating engineering controls with training records for real-time controlled access capabilities.

Power BI Analytics

All of the information collected within your ProCertX account will automatically rollup into detailed Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Analytics.  Every “connection” you have provides reporting information on companies, students, courses, sessions, training records, certificates, contact hours, instructors, revenue, prices paid, discounts, cancellation rate and much more that are all available via detailed dashboard reporting.

View rollup information by:

Day, Week, Quarter, Year
Company, Instructor, Course
Prices Paid
Completion Status

Visualize comparisons to previous year’s performance automatically.

Customized dashboards are available upon request.


At the core of ProCertX is SafeSite™, an engineering control that is integrated with training records and certificates. SafeSite™ is an essential solution in reducing risk exposure and increasing safety compliance by leveraging trusted identities, set parameters, and credentials to ensure only permitted individuals are granted access to protected resources.

The single program “smart card” ID badge that replaces multiple paper certificates and hard hat stickers allows for instant virtual issuance of earned certificates, in addition to immediate verification of work site access authorization.

Rather than time spent signing into a system or eliciting the man hours to stand post and check individual cards or stickers to confirm access, instant verification of certificate requirements using “swipe-and-go” access is done in four easy steps:

  1. User scans ProCertX ID badge
  2. SafeSite™ instantly compares user certifications to the pre-set parameters set forth by administration
  3. Access is granted or denied based upon verification/validation of certificates
  4. Results are logged

If a user runs into an issue, administration is contacted via the number on the card reader and the issue may be solved in real-time.

In the event of an emergency, SafeSite’s™ LiveLog allows for real-time location visibility of an individual based on designated access points requiring a card swipe. Cloud based records are readily accessible by on or off site staff pertaining to the individual’s heath care requirements, and MSDS or facility maps can be downloaded by emergency personnel. LiveLog also allows visibility to individuals who have been granted or denied access during specific dates and times. Additional safety checks may be applied in conjunction with SafeSite™ such as traffic control and routing.


With our API protocols, ProCertX allows for flexibility for integration with (or as an extension of) your existing systems. Customizable to meet industry-specific requirements, the ProCertX system is particularly helpful in areas such as enterprise resource planning, system or site access and safety, human resource information systems, dispatch, EMS, and heavy machine access.

Employees and contractor’s personal information and credentials are easily managed, resulting in reduced follow up time spent on compliance. Mobile scanning allows for pre-scheduled or last minute safety meetings (tool-box talks) and first responders have instant access to critical emergency medical information, in addition to worksite documents.

ProCertX is a proven solution in improving operational efficiency while ensuring a safe and secure work environment.

Several highlighted benefits include:

  • Single program “smart card” ID badge replaces paper certificates and hard hat stickers by consolidating all participant profiles and certificates into one place
  • Instant virtual issuance of earned certificates
  • Immediate verification of authorized access
  • Pro-active notification of required re-certification or training
  • Real-time visibility of your company’s training and certification program compliance
  • Reduction in risk/exposure by increasing safety compliance