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Enhancing Safety and Risk Management in the Oil & Gas Industry

While OSHA and other workplace regulations play a crucial role in defining safety and
health standards, true success lies in successfully delivering the right training and managing the credentialing processes, security and risk within your business.

Take control of your credentialing and security processes with ProCertX’s customizable solutions.

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Tailored Credentialing and Security Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

ProCertX understands the unique needs of the oil & gas industry and provides a high-level credentialing and security system that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each client. With the constant influx of contractors, crews and personnel in various locations, it is crucial to monitor and verify that individuals possess the necessary certificates and requirements for accessing specific areas.

Individualized ID Badges

Our system provides personalized ID badges that grant users easy access to view and track their certifications and training progress.

Streamlined Administration

Simplify the management of certificates, user registrations, and processes such as Bill of Lading (BOL) to enhance operational efficiency.

Fueling Safety and Efficiency in
the Oil & Gas Industry

SafeSite™ – Real-Time Monitoring
and Emergency Preparedness

SafeSite™ empowers organizations in the oil & gas industry to monitor personnel in real-time, ensuring safety and security on-site. With the ability to track access and view denied entries, SafeSite™ provides critical information for emergency management and enhances safety measures.

personnel monitoring

Real-Time Personnel Monitoring

Safeguard your personnel by tracking their location and access in real-time, enabling better resource allocation and situational awareness.

Emergency Preparedness

Upload sitemaps and critical information to SafeSite™ for easy access by Emergency Management Services (EMS) during emergencies.

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