With our API protocols, ProCertX allows for flexibility for integration with (or as an extension of) your existing systems. Customizable to meet industry-specific requirements, the ProCertX system is particularly helpful in areas such as enterprise resource planning, system or site access and safety, human resource information systems, dispatch, EMS, and heavy machine access.

Employees and contractor’s personal information and credentials are easily managed, resulting in reduced follow up time spent on compliance. Mobile scanning allows for pre-scheduled or last minute safety meetings (tool-box talks) and first responders have instant access to critical emergency medical information, in addition to worksite documents.

ProCertX is a proven solution in improving operational efficiency while ensuring a safe and secure work environment.

Several highlighted benefits include:

  • Single program “smart card” ID badge replaces paper certificates and hard hat stickers by consolidating all participant profiles and certificates into one place
  • Instant virtual issuance of earned certificates
  • Immediate verification of authorized access
  • Pro-active notification of required re-certification or training
  • Real-time visibility of your company’s training and certification program compliance
  • Reduction in risk/exposure by increasing safety compliance