Contractor Management

Managing an employee or contractor’s training is arguably one of the most important aspects of a company. Chemical plants, oil industry jobs, trucking companies, and emergency first responders are just a few examples of the many professions where employees encounter hazardous material and situations. ProCertX offers an automated, centralized location to house all profiles and certifications in one place by associating an identity with specific authoritative proof of identity and credentials.

Along with certificate and training management, verification no longer needs to be a daunting task. Individuals who have been designated specific credentials such as instructor or staff manager, may view certificates company wide, by department, or by role. This administrative interface eliminates the need for (solely) developed resources to setup new clients. Credentials and qualifications are accessible and able to be edited on demand from any web-enabled device.

Previously earned credentials and historic information can be uploaded from any source and immediately show on a user’s profile. Administrators and participants alike are able to track the status of each certificate, and receive notification prior to certificate expiration with ample time to plan and schedule re-certifications. Training registration/enrollment is viewable by the card holder, and attendance is tracked by requiring scanning in/out with the RFID badge at the start and end of each training session. This results in instant virtual issuance of earned certificates (such as OSHA 10, OSHA 30, etc.) being garnered immediately upon the completion of required training.

In addition to maintenance such as renewal or expiration, credentials may also be revoked via the ProCertX system. The ability to have such concentrated control over certificates and authorized admittance culminates in the SafeSite™ portion of ProCertX by integrating engineering controls with training records for real-time controlled access capabilities.