At the core of ProCertX is SafeSite™, an engineering control that is integrated with training records and certificates. SafeSite™ is an essential solution in reducing risk exposure and increasing safety compliance by leveraging trusted identities, set parameters, and credentials to ensure only permitted individuals are granted access to protected resources.

The single program “smart card” ID badge that replaces multiple paper certificates and hard hat stickers allows for instant virtual issuance of earned certificates, in addition to immediate verification of work site access authorization.

Rather than time spent signing into a system or eliciting the man hours to stand post and check individual cards or stickers to confirm access, instant verification of certificate requirements using “swipe-and-go” access is done in four easy steps:

  1. User scans ProCertX ID badge
  2. SafeSite™ instantly compares user certifications to the pre-set parameters set forth by administration
  3. Access is granted or denied based upon verification/validation of certificates
  4. Results are logged

If a user runs into an issue, administration is contacted via the number on the card reader and the issue may be solved in real-time.

In the event of an emergency, SafeSite’s™ LiveLog allows for real-time location visibility of an individual based on designated access points requiring a card swipe. Cloud based records are readily accessible by on or off site staff pertaining to the individual’s heath care requirements, and MSDS or facility maps can be downloaded by emergency personnel. LiveLog also allows visibility to individuals who have been granted or denied access during specific dates and times. Additional safety checks may be applied in conjunction with SafeSite™ such as traffic control and routing.