ProCertX offers an easy, automated solution to optimize the management, tracking, and verification of training and certifications in addition to enabling or heightening safety parameters. Although our solution system is beneficial to many industries, we have a primary focus on the security and safety of those in healthcare, oil & gas, industrial, and transportation.


MEP – Manufacturing Extension Partnerships

ProCertX is a SaaS Cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) that is focused on providing services to Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEP) that are looking to expand their training relationships with their customers by offering a broad range of  training opportunities under their own branded training portal.  ProCertX delivers Computer/Web based Training (CBT) content from from in-house generated content or 3rd party content providers via content syndication.  All course content is setup a single time within ProCertX for all of our clients to utilize on an approval basis.  ProCertX honors 3rd party provider’s contractual obligations for each of our clients by having the ability to pass Company Account/Contract IDs through to the 3rd party provider on a per customer basis.

ProCertX allows customers the ability to have a new account established on our platform in a very short timeframe.  With traditional LMS’s customers typically have to first setup their LMS and then work with each of the 3rd party content providers individually which may require many months of implementation.  This is a huge barrier as most Associations and MEPs don’t have the technical resources available.  Their end result is typically a patchwork of vendors (EventBrite, CVENT, other 3rd Parties) they send their customers to without ever having an entire view of the training activity of each of their customers and customer/students while losing their brand identity. By having all training activity registered and tracked via ProCertX our customers have a complete view of all activity by each Company they work with and every student training session.  This allows for complete roll-up of reporting activity allowing MEPs to easily generate annual reporting statistics.

The ProCertX eCommerce platform allows customers to:

  • Create customized learning paths on a per customer/student basis
  • Manage and deliver training thru CBT’s, Distance Learning, and Classroom Experiences
  • Incorporate training content from our multiple provider course catalog as well as their own.
  • Track all training and certification on a per user basis along with a QR coded profile for instant verification of training completion.
  • Notification system to identify when a user’s certification is expiring.
  • Process payment transactions, cancellations, and refunds
  • Utilize Business Intelligence analytics providing a complete view of all training activity across all training types (Classroom, Distance Learning, and CBT)


ProCertX is the eCommerce engine for our clients training payment needs.  Each MEP will set their own prices, cancellation and refund policies for each Course managed within our platform.  The cancellation and refund policies provide fine grained control over when/if a customer is allowed to cancel (based on days/hours prior to the course) as well as the refund they will get whether it is a flat amount, percentage, or anything at all.

The funds collected by an MEP are managed solely by the MEP and go directly to the MEP.  ProCertX is simply facilitating the transaction through our systems.

Any contracts held by an MEP with a 3rd party content provider are responsible for any charges allocated to them by the content provider.  ProCertX provides MEP customers detailed financial transactions that allow an MEP to reconcile their monthly invoice statements from the 3rd party content provider.

Content Providers

ProCertX serves content through the use of SCORM1.2 or xAPI packages from a 3rd Party Content Provider.  All content including branding and contact/support information from the provider is streamed directly from the content provider.  Any changes that a 3rd party content provider makes to their training packages is automatically reflected upon the next launch of the training package.

Oil & Gas

Although OSHA plays a major part in successfully managing safety and health standards, it is done so on a grand scale. The real measure starts at the core of your business in the systems chosen to oversee your company’s credentialing processes, security, and risk. Many companies measure such success based on reviews once an accident or security breach occurs. Being proactive in preventing these risks however is something that organizations from every industry need to be focused on.

The oil & gas industry has a higher rate of turnover than most. This results in an abundance of locations being incredibly unsafe and at risk. It is more important than ever to monitor contractors, crews, drivers, production locations and loading terminals to ensure individuals hold the appropriate certificates/requirements that allow them access to specific areas. Personalized badges, ID scanners, and security gates are just a few of the tools that can be utilized both at your office and/or field locations.

The high-level credential and security system provided by ProCertX is customizable to the needs of each of our clients. Our system provides an individualized ID badge that allows for registered users to view and track their certificates and training, while allowing for administration to track certificates, register individual users for training, streamline the BOL process, and so much more.

ProCertX is committed to streamlining and protecting business operations in the Oil & Gas industry with innovative and effective security, training, and certification solutions. We assist you and your company in providing a centralized area in which to track certificates, training, and security access that will result in:

  • Reduced disruptions and minimized risk
  • Receiving real-time data to make critical staffing decisions
  • Eliminating communication delays
  • Receiving real-time updates of situations
  • Eliminating the need for multiple certificates and hard hat stickers
  • Quick access to key-contact information

With ProCertX’s SafeSite™, you are not only able to view the location of specific personnel in real-time, you are able to see if they have been denied access, and for what reason. LiveLog keeps track of such information providing for easier record management. SafeSite™ also allows for information such as site maps to be uploaded for viewability by EMS in the event of an emergency, ultimately resulting in increased safety and security prevention and preparation of production sites and personnel.


Fleet management is a top priority for companies whose business depends largely on its drivers. When it comes to operational access, transportation security control is of the utmost importance to know that individuals who attain access are credentialed to do so in order to abstain from unauthorized movement. Pre-clearance of drivers, vehicles, etc. saves an enormity of time, and money.

There are multiple ProCertX controls that may be implemented such as administrative, which track credentials and training ahead of time, and/or swipe access prior to the start of a vehicle. Depending on your operational needs, you may also implement swipe access in regard to passengers on transport. This is highly useful in the event of an emergency.

Rescue applications are becoming increasingly significant. In addition to customizable technology access tracking points of entry, ProCertX’s SafeSite™ is especially beneficial relating to EMS and hazardous material that may be on board. SafeSite™ assists further in rescue operations with personnel being able to view who is on board and, due to access points of entry, their location. It is more important than ever to proactive in safety and security measures, rather than reactive.


With new regulations continuously encroaching on the healthcare industry, security is of the utmost importance. A high percentage of these threats often come from within the organization, and advanced access levels tend to be granted to employees during onboarding who do not necessarily require them.

Although many healthcare organizations assume they are too small to be targeted, any size are at risk, and healthcare is one of the most affected industries by insider privilege misuse. Many hospitals are faced with budget cuts, leaving sizeable gaps in their security strategy. This ultimately results in limited resources to manually tackle the lack of access security controls that would incorporate policy obligations to patients and coworkers.

Implementing the use of ProCertX not only improves operational efficiency, but allows for real-time, automatic verification of registered personnel. Because the threat is constantly evolving, access rights can be edited throughout an employee’s career. If an employee’s certifications do change, temporary access is needed for sub-contractors, or specific credentials need to be revoked, it can all be done in one, centralized platform. Neglecting account status is a critical error, potentially allowing those who no longer possess specific credentials (or who are no longer employed) to still gain access to critical information.

By centralizing an organization’s security applications, access points can be safeguarded against without the need to manually go into each user file separately. Effectively monitoring activity to detect malicious behavior is an additional aspect of healthcare security. Manual assessment takes time, much of which administration does not have. ProCertX allows for access requirements to be edited at the discretion of the organization in real-time.