Clifty Group Streamlines the Tracking of Certificates and Improves Efficiency

Clifty’s Field Safety Manager attended a rollout meeting for NDPC’s One Basin, One Way! (OBOW) program. He recognized that in addition to the OBOW certification, companies could also upload their own training certificates to ProCertX. This information was brought back to his team and they immediately jumped at the opportunity to explore ProCertX and its capabilities.

Clifty had several challenges in tracking trainings and certifications prior to ProCertX. “We had all of our employee’s information but sorting through it and determining expiration dates or who has what certifications was a bit clunky.” Another challenge was employees having certification cards handy when needed by inspectors, clients, etc. “When they didn’t have them on hand, we’d get a call to search their file on our system, and we hoped the information was in the right place.”

Once Clifty was familiar with ProCertX, they began tracking other employee training in addition to One Basin, One Way. By listing their employee’s titles in the Attributes section of ProCertX, they are now able to search a position by a specific job title to see if an individual has the qualifications and certifications needed to perform a specific job.

Clifty experienced several benefits since onboarding to ProCertX. When learning that ProCertX utilized a QR Code on their badges to easily scan and view multiple certificates on user profiles, they were sold. “One card for everything.” In addition to their badge, an employee can also log into the ProCertX system to access their profile, thus providing their QR code to be scanned. Another benefit comes into play when onboarding new employees. After an employee sends a request to join their new company, all certificates and account information is viewable once the request is approved. “I can’t even imagine the cost savings in not having to hunt everything down.”

ProCertX has simplified the process for Clifty in searching for and retrieving information. This has allowed them to be more proactive than reactive. “It’s just made it faster because it’s a one stop shop. If it were not for ProCertX, we would not be able to see what’s coming down the pipeline as easy as we can and would be scrambling when realizing these guys need training.”

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Orlando joined Clifty Group, LLC in May 2019 as their Safety Analyst. Prior to his employment with Clifty he served as an insurance agent with a focus in risk management and loss control.

“The timing of joining ProCertX couldn’t have been better. We were looking to become more organized and had collected all this information, now we had to become more efficient. It’s all about efficiency. I view myself as an electronic minimalist – give me the smallest thing with the most amount of information.” Orlando Alamano, Safety Analyst for Clifty Group, LLC

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May 31, 2019
Clifty Joined ProCertX

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All quotes listed in this Case Study were provided by Orlando Alamano, Safety Analyst for Clifty Group, LLC.

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