Fleet management is a top priority for companies whose business depends largely on its drivers. When it comes to operational access, transportation security control is of the utmost importance to know that individuals who attain access are credentialed to do so in order to abstain from unauthorized movement. Pre-clearance of drivers, vehicles, etc. saves an enormity of time, and money.

There are multiple ProCertX controls that may be implemented such as administrative, which track credentials and training ahead of time, and/or swipe access prior to the start of a vehicle. Depending on your operational needs, you may also implement swipe access in regard to passengers on transport. This is highly useful in the event of an emergency.

Rescue applications are becoming increasingly significant. In addition to customizable technology access tracking points of entry, ProCertX’s SafeSite™ is especially beneficial relating to EMS and hazardous material that may be on board. SafeSite™ assists further in rescue operations with personnel being able to view who is on board and, due to access points of entry, their location. It is more important than ever to proactive in safety and security measures, rather than reactive.